Disappointingly, the Japanese are lovers of shiny, new objects. Fixing isn’t standard operating procedure. They don’t like to fix things for two main reasons: the expense and the preponderance of similar new goods at reasonable prices. Finding repair shops for most electronic goods is a rarity. And the makers often charge preposterously high prices for repairs after the warranty period expires. When it comes to personal services, however, there are many businesses. Beauty parlors, telecommunications, specialty clinics, veterinarians, massage parlors, acupuncturists and such proliferate.

Your customers (in Japan) are the most important part of your business. You should always put them first and make sure that you provide the best service possible for them.

Japanese workers are struggling under the weight of “Your customers are god”. This doctrine places the needs and satisfaction of customers above the well-being of employees, pushing them to the brink of physical and emotional exhaustion.

The client expects a high level of quality and timeline from elite company employees, but sometimes these standards are unreachable. In spite of this, the employees still strive to meet or exceed these expectations in order to keep their clients happy.

Workers’ well-being is key to a successful customer-centric business. When given the time they need to complete necessary tasks and procedures on the jobs accurately, morale rebounds and business outcomes improve.

To stay in business, you need to strike a balance among your customers, employees, and partners. If everyone stands to gain, you’ll be successful. If one group profits at the expense of another, however, you’re going to have problems.


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