The modern Japanese legal system today is a combination of Anglo-American and continental legal structures, although an undercurrent thread in their law is derived from indigenous Japanese culture and that of ancient China. The unwillingness to file frivolous and reckless lawsuits without first negotiating behind closed doors without lawyers is a major difference between Japanese legal matters and those of the West. That being said, the jury is out about how Draconian the Japanese legislature is going to become in an age where intellectual property issues fostered through the Internet proliferate.



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Licensing Conditions for Video Posting (Sharing) Services

JASRAC has stipulated the licensing conditions for video posting (sharing) services as follows. These conditions have been notified to those administering and operating services of this kind.

Prerequisites 1) The service shall be in streaming format. 2) Infringement of rights belonging to authors and composers, screenwriters, record companies, performers, broadcasters, video producers etc. shall be prevented under the responsibility of those administering and operating the service. 3) Technical measures and specific actions shall be taken in order to realize the foregoing: a) Prior (or equal) confirmation of uploaded works, under the responsibility of the operator, and by methods such as visual confirmation etc. b) Adoption of technical measures and indication of road maps for system construction Licensee The contracting party shall be those administering and operating the service, and it shall bear all responsibility for usages of audiovisual works within the website. Scope of license a) Use of musical works, which are administered by JASRAC, in works which have been appropriately licensed and provided from the right-owners of the audiovisual works. b) Use of musical works, which are administered by JASRAC, in audiovisual works which have been created by individuals etc. posting the video. Royalty rate The rate shall be as provided in the Tariffs for Use of Musical Works, Article 11 “Interactive Transmissions,” 1-3-2 “Streaming Type Usages” for transmissions with the purpose to use copyrighted works other than music (2.8% for music, 2.0% for general entertainment). The rate for audiovisual works created by individuals shall be provided separately. Report of works used All works which have been used shall be reported along with the number of requests, etc.
Therefore, a management system for works information is necessary which enables submission of works information from persons posting the videos.