When it comes to fitness trends in Japan, it’s no secret that the country is constantly pursuing the perfect physique. From extreme cutting statuses and muscles to absurd amounts of cardio and strength training, Japan’s fitness enthusiasts push the envelope with every workout.

This extreme dedication to fitness has created some amazing fitness trends in Japan that have turned the country into a fitness powerhouse. Here are a few of Japan’s top fitness trends:

  1. High-intensity interval training:

If there’s one thing Japan knows how to do, it’s pump iron. HIIT is the latest fitness craze in Japan, and for good reason. By alternating short, intense bursts of exercise with longer periods of rest, HIIT training is incredibly effective at burning fat and building muscle.

  1. Crossfit:

If HIIT is the hardcore gym, then Crossfit is the extreme alternative. Obscene amounts of exercise combined with brutal conditioning drills is the name of the game at Crossfit boxes all over Japan. Whether it’s the punishing WODs (Workouts of the Day) or the sense of community (and competition) Crossfit offers, there’s no denying that this style of training is hard work.

  1. High-protein diets:

There’s a reason Japan is one of the world’s top rice-consumers: it’s good for you! In recent years, high-protein diets have become all the rage in Japan, and for good reason. Protein is the building block of muscle tissue, and by eating more of it, you’ll not only improve your physique, but also your strength and endurance.

  1. Cardio training:

Unless you’re a professional athlete, you probably don’t spend as much time running on the treadmill as you would like. That’s because in Japan, cardio training is king. From vigorous HIIT sessions to long, scenic runs, Japanese fitness enthusiasts are devoted to getting their hearts pumping. Not to mention, cardio training has been proven to increase blood flow to all areas of the body, which is why it’s such a popular way to keep your body healthy and looking its best.

Undeniably, it is is the retiring Baby Boomers and their spouses who fill sports clubs in metropolitan areas.  Though the staff are young, wet-behind-the-collar coeds, their peers have opted for more active, outdoor activities.  The future of the sports club industries in Japan requires attracting and accommodating younger people, and even children.  Reaching them and getting them into shape is a high priority for success-minded, sports-related entrepreneurs.


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