By Richard Posner

“I am convinced that there are universal currents of Divine Thought vibrating the ether everywhere and that any who can feel these vibrations is inspired.”      ~Richard Wagner~

If you have ever walked into a room, saw someone you didn’t like (for some ungodly reason), and immediately carried that feeling through your eyes and body language…you know the formula for defeat in human interactions.

Japanese are often labeled as being serious, humorless and silent because of shyness.  Some (or many) may show that superficial side in business in the same manner as a poker-faced gambler conceals a good hand, but most of the results in our life are a direct reflection of our thoughts before exchanging greetings and business cards.

In my humble estimation, there is not a single, non-brain-dead soul on this planet who doesn’t hunger for love and acceptance. 

Though many of us humans may put on airs to try to impress others or repel all but those sexually attractive to us, truly we waste a ton of energy not connecting because of fear of the unknown and unknowing eyes scanning us from head to toe.

Just the other day, I discovered something.  Even (or especially) a robotic cashier or waitress in a fast food establishment tires of looking at her cash register or of pouring coffee with no personality.  Each yearns to somehow be noticed while on the job.

One such young lady was pouring my coffee and I noticed her jade ring.  I said to her that jade is my favorite too and that jade makes me feel happy.  I smiled and said, “How about you?”  She smiled back and her soul lit up beside mine.

It’s those small acts of kindness that can turn around a person’s day.  And when their day is turned around, other people’s days can be turned around as well.  And the ball of good vibration rolls on and on.

Most impressions we have of people are right simply because other people feel and begin to react to our vibrations well before we utter a single syllable. 

A genuine smile – it takes practice for some of us – or a gesture of appreciation to another can instantaneously turn a snob from your viewpoint into an adoring, genial fan of yours.

Give this theory a whirl and see whether your life isn’t percolating within an hour.