Architectural design in Japan is an intricate and complex process that can be difficult to understand for those not familiar with the culture. The design process in Japan is typically composed of five stages: Problem Identification, Preliminary Design, Design Development, Construction Stage, and Evaluation/Refinement Stage.

The Problem Identification stage is where the architect or design team begins to understand the client’s needs and objectives. This is done by conducting research, interviews, and gathering information about the project. During the Preliminary Design stage, the design team creates a preliminary plan of the project using a variety of different design forms such as sketches, models, and drawings. The Design Development stage is where the design changes and grows in response to feedback from the client and other stakeholders. This stage can involve refinement of the design, modification of the plan, and the development of prototypes. The Construction Stage is where the project is actually built and is usually completed within a predetermined time-frame. The Evaluation/Refinement Stage is where the final design is evaluated and refined if necessary.

Overall, the architectural design process in Japan is highly intricate and complex. It is important for those outside of Japan to have a better understanding of the process in order to create designs that are both visually appealing and functionally appropriate.

The SIJ Japan Architecture & Design Directory introduces some of the key professionals and companies in the architectural field. Tokyo in particular was a stomping ground for Frank Lloyd Wright in the early 20th Century and several of his buildings are scattered through Tokyo. In the eclectic, modern world of Tokyo, one can find a vast array of architectural schemes and home-grown professionals rivaling any in the world. For example, Mori Biru (Mori Building) is responsible for a whole city within a city in Shanghai indicative of the growth and prosperity of its neighbor nation.


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