The Crap-shoot

“Lazy people may even fantasize about how nice it would be to have more, but they don’t want to do more.” ~S. Ross Ingram, from Wealth Mentality

By Richard Posner

Have you ever said or heard someone say, “That’s too expensive.  It’s a rip off”?   I’m sure you have.  

Have you ever seen someone slyly flip over the price tag of an item they feel is likely way over their budget, and when they see it is pricey for them quickly shuffle away to the bargain basement for common folks’ stuff?  I’m sure you have.

Quite often we condition ourselves to be agreeable.  When the people who share a notion of expensiveness look at each other, often they meekly nod in agreement in order to mask what their individual problem often is…

They – or one of them – can’t afford it!  The problem is often not that the dinner, dress, car or house are outrageously priced, but that they don’t have the funds to afford it.  Someone else does, or that company will soon be out of business.

In the same way, I am perplexed when people write to me and ask me to work for nothing to help them do business in Japan.  They want to know a good supplier or buyer, but in the section of my form for such services they say they are unwilling to invest even a dime or ruble.

Please don’t get me wrong.  I set up my website to provide a wide range of business and cultural information based on 4+ decades in Japan, for FREE!  It may not look stellar, but it was and is a work of love.  It may not look like much, but I have given gratis to all my site visitors a no-cost forum for people who want to buy, sell and do business with Japan or with the Japanese.  Have you looked at it?

Moreover, this blog is a gift to everyone who ever entertained doing business here and wanted to know about the opportunities and people engaged in doing business in Japan.

I hope you see my desire to be of service.  But please don’t treat your business nor mine with a crap-shoot mentality.  Nothing in this world is free.  You must give your time, your heart and sometimes your money to insure your future.  

Japan is a prosperous country because most people understand that there is always a price to be paid for success and happiness.  If you are unwilling to invest, then Japan (and many other places) are far beyond your reach.  

Let’s work together to penetrate this market.  Going it alone here is a fool’s way.  Write to me and discuss your dreams.  I’m sure there is a way we can work together for astounding success.