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 Profit From Bitcoin

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Our product BTC-PACKAGE
in the Crypto – Currency
market for you.


Participate now in the USI-TECH Crypto-Currency Income.

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a daily return of capital of 1% **




After so many years in business, we have an opportunity with USI Tech, which is truly unique. It is an incredible feeling to see how satisfied not only partners but also customers are, who simply achieve daily profits. There are many systems or start ups in the market with lure, but transparent and sustainable with real added value, there was no chance in the 21st century. We look forward to the next few years and YOU should not miss this opportunity.


I was first attracted to USI-Tech as I wanted access to their flag ship product which is the FX Trading robot. Their robot has had 8 years of design and technology behind it and has given consistent returns to USI-Tech’s customers including myself and can currently boast that all accounts are profitable.
The Directors of USI are professional and really do care about their customers so when they announced the launch of their second product I knew it was going to be a huge success. The new product offers us all an opportunity to get involved in trading Bitcoin on auto pilot for as little as 50 Euros – and looks to give you a daily return of around 1% over 140 working days, which is amazing in itself. If you then include the compound effect and the potential increase in Bitcoin in the coming months and years (as predicted by leading analysts) you can start to see why this product has caught the imagination of the masses and if that wasn’t good enough a compensation plan that pays 10% on your direct referrals and 3% from level 2 to 8 and a further 1% from level 9 – 12.
USI-Tech’s mission is to be able to bring VIP products to the masses at an affordable entry level so that everyone can enjoy and increase their financial security. If you are looking for longevity and to build a business you are in the right place


As a professional in the finance Industry I was always sceptical about these online opportunities.
However , I was highly recommended this particular opportunity by a good friend of mine, I did my due diligence and started with this opportunity
In November 2016 with Forex and now I have also taken part in the new bitcoin product.
I am now making automated passive stream of income which has really eased the financial pressure of having son who aspires to be a professional racing driver.


I initially started with USI – Tech as a VIP client In April 2016 and have made over 80% on complete automation using their FX Trading software.
I am really excited about the new Bitcoin product they have released as it is giving us the powerful opportunity to
compound daily to achieve crazy results. I am already seeing how powerful this product and compensation plan really is.
I am so thankful for this opportunity from USI as this company has really transformed my financial circumstances in a such a short period of time.

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*the actual duration may vary due to the returns achieved
** Enormous compounding effect by the possibility of daily repurchase with payouts


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