Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, and Success in Japan

China – a highly regulated, authoritarian society – has tried to reign in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  Japan has willingly sucked up the bleed-over and many of the cryptocurrencies are surging.  I for one, joined the boom approximately a year ago on two fronts:  buying Bitcoin and mining it collectively at a low low entry point.*   My wife bought another cryptocurrency, Etherium, and has seen her profits soar ten-fold.  Watch this brief video below, and then click the link above to participate worldwide.

*As a long-term expatriate in Japan, I sincerely want to to give foreigners living in Japan, Japanese people, and others worldwide news and details on  how to make inroads to Japan in the Age of Asia Rising.  I welcome you to share opportunities with the SIJ community/collaborate to make the “world”openly-vibrant to international commerce..

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