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Topical and Controversial issues in Japan are usually treated with twisted objectivity by the Japanese media or with over-the-top sensationalism by maverick media organization.  The sites in this section are, of course, written in English by westerners not feeling chained by protocol.  Though it may not be accurate or sensible, it does give perspectives usually swept under the rug or disregarded because they come from gaijins (foreigners).

5 Facts from Japan’s Population Statistics, 9 Principles of Japanese Art and Culture, 99 Things You’ll Miss About Life in Japan, 100 Japanese Poems by 100 Poets, 600AD to 1000AD in Japan, 9 Tips on How to Network at Trade Fairs, 10 Things Japan Does Better Than Americans, 100 Best Shops in Tokyo, A-Bomb WWW Museum, A Woman’s Job in Japan, Acute Depression Among College Students, Aichi Voice, Ainu Discrimination, Amazing Portable Sarariman, American Chamber of Commerce Journal, Beacon Reports, Blogs From Expats in Japan, Blooming in Japan, Bob & Angie’s Japanese Recipes, Bosuzoku Japanese Biker Gangs, Breast Enlargement Ringtone, Bubu Chacha, Buraku Problem, Business Tokyo, C-Span Office of Japanese Affairs, Canadian Nikkei, Can’t Live Without My Electronic Bidet Seat, Caricatures of Famous Japanese People, CD Japan, Cellphone Culture in Japan, Changing Roles of Women in Japan, Child Abuse, Child Research Net, Center for Global Communications, Complex Guide to Buying Japanese Brand Products Online, Controversies Over the History of Japan-Korean Relations, Coping With Senility in Japan, Cronyism in Japan, Daikini Records, Danny Choo’s Japan, David Alwinckle’s DebitoDigInfo, Digital World Tokyo, DVD Vision Japan, Earthquakes in JapanEngrish, Equal Quality of Gender, ET People, Eurobiz Japan, ExpatExchange, Fashion in Japan, Fashion Japan, Feminist History in JapanFestival Pikachu (in French), From Japan With LoveFukuoka Now English News, Fukushima Tsunami and Earhquake, Gaijin Gleaner, Gaijin Bikers in Japan, Gaijin Man in Tokyo, Genron NPO, Glimpses of Japan, Globalization and Women’s Labor Activism in Japan, Glocom Platform, Global Netizen College, Hado, Highlighting Japan, Hip-Hop Culture in Japan, Hiroshima Post, Hiroshima Weekly, Horagai Literary Magazine, Hoshin Kanri, How Japan Beat America at the Style Game, How to Sell Products in Japan, How to Set Up a Business on Japan, Hydroponic Unit Produces 10,000 Vegatables AnnuallyIkinamo, Improvised Music from Japan, Innovation JapanInternational House of Japan, International Religious Freedom Report for Japan, Introduction to 25 Artistic and Traditional Japanese Websites, Investigating Impunity in Tokyo’s Marginalized Leatherwork District, J-List Side Blog, J-SelectJapan Blog Directory, Japan Cities fight for Revitilization Funding, Japan Confidential, Japan Daily Press Japan From the Driver’s Seat, Japan Hospitals Consider Medical Tourism, Japan Institute of International AffairsJapan-JapanJapan Living Blog, Japan Meetups, Japan Must Let Zombie Companies Go, Japan News, Japan Opinion Polls, Japan People Stats, Japan Research and Analysis through Internet Information, Japan Talk, Japan Underground Blog, Japan Nonogram, Japan Select, Japan Stock Photography, Japan Through Non-Japanese EyesJapan Video Topics, JapanVisitor, Japan Weighs Reinvention, Japan’s Aging Population, Japan’s Low Crime Rate, Japan’s New NPO Law, Japan’s Underwater Stone Monuments, Japan-World TrendsJapan’s Masochistic Approach to Immigration, Japanizmo Blog, JapanzineJapanese Mail Order Brides Classified, Japanese Management, Japanese Mom’s Home Cooking, Japanese-Inspired Poop Restaurant, Japanese-Style Marriage Markets, Japanese Views on Abortion, Japanese Shyness and Modesty Unmasked, Jbox, Jeansnow, Jingles, Journal Japan, Kansai Scene Magazine, Kobe Earthquake ImagesKT’s Photo Gallery, Kyoto Liquor Story, Law and Disorder, Learning to be Less Japanese, Maid Cafes May Be On The Wane, Majestic Off-The-Grid Cabin in Japanese Mountains, Masamu Goto Photo Exhibit, Meibutsu Power, Meiji and Taisho Era in Photographs, Memories of the 3/11 Earthquake and Tsunami, Rise of Fascism in 1930s Japan, Mysticism and Philosophy, Nagaijin, Nakasendo Highway, New Preschool Designed to Accumulate Puddles, News on Japan, NHK World, Nippon Communications Foundation, Nippon Goro Goro, Nipponia, Office of Japan Affairs, One Big Japan, Other Holocaust at Nanjin, Outlook for Japan and its Global Implications, Perspectives on Religion in Japan, PhotoGuide Japan, Planet Tokyo, Portal Site of Official Statistics of Japan, Quirky Japan, Quiz Japan, Report of Council for the Future of Small and Micro Enterprises, Rocket News 24, Savvy Tokyo, Secret Japan, Self-Defense Force Shades, Sex Culture of Japan, Sora News 24, Starting or Expanding Your Business in Japan, Statistics Japan, Street Trees of Tokyo, Sudoku Puzzles, Surplus Food and Unmet Needs, Sushicam, Tales from Japan, Tech and Start-up News from The Bridge, The Burakumin, The English-Language Japan Blog List, The Fall and Rise of Onagawa, The Japan Forum, The “Freeter” Debacle, The Japan Times, The JapanesePage, The Japanese Food Journal, The Jews and the JapaneseThe Nippon Foundation’s Sextant Newsletter, The Tokyo News, The World of Robert Red-BaerTofugu, Tohoku Tsunami Images, Tokimeki MemorialTokyo Architecture ExposedTokyo DV, Tokyo Named the Most Livable City, Tokyo Notice Board, Tokyo PC Group Newsgroup Directory, Tokyo Progressive News, Tokyo Street Photographs, Tokyo Street StyleTokyo Weekender, Traffic Safety in Japan, Trends in Japan, Tsuku Blog, Twenty-First Century Public Policy Institute, Unbeaten Tracks in Japan, Unshackling Japan’s Human Potential, U.S. Forces in JapanVideo Link Japan, Views of Naohiro Yoshimura, Visual Anthropology of Japan, Voice of Hibakusha, Weekend in Ishinomaki, Whaling, What Japan ThinksWireless Watch Japan, Women-Only Sleep Cafe Opens in Tokyo



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