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Disappointingly, the Japanese are lovers of shiny, new objects. Fixing isn’t standard operating procedure. They don’t like to fix things for two main reasons: the expense and the preponderance of similar new goods at reasonable prices. Finding repair shops for most electronic goods is a rarity. And the makers often charge preposterously high prices for repairs after the warranty period expires. When it comes to personal services, however, there are many businesses. Beauty parlors, telecommunications, hospitals and clinics, veterinarians, massage parlors, acupuncturists and such proliferate.

A Cut Above Hairstylists, Advanced International, 3Ders Printing, Agos Japan, Aim Service, Alpha Aviation, Alpha Daycare Center, Aplan TGS, Apple Store Call Center, Arc System Lighting, Arup, Association for Independent Tourist Assistance in Japan, Assort International Hair Salon, Beauty by Alexandre, Beppu Bike Rental Ren-Cha, Berwick Street Hair, Bespoke Tokyo, Best Bridal, BeYoga, Biyoushitu Nipenji Salon, Blue Sky Mother and Child Service, Boudoir Beauty Salon, Boudoir Tokyo, BrastelC-Web Solutions, Carpet Butlers, Carpet Doctor, Cast, Chappe Town, Charternet,Chezvous, Cine Action, Dandy House, Design Meishi, Domy-B, Dude, Egbok Massage, Acupuncture and Shiatsu, EJK Exhibition and Conference Planners, Elana Jade Beauty Salon, Erawan Thai Massage, Essence K., Est-Quest Auctions, Expat Express, Face-to-Face Communications, Family Support Child Care Service, Finding a Hair Salon in Japan, First Advantage, Flower Arrangements and Floral Designs, Flower Auction Japan, Footy Japan, Furniture Rental Tokyo, Gatherings Private Chef Service, Ginza Tailor, Green Development, Ginza Cuvo, Global Solution Services, Go Mobile Phone Rental, Gold Salon Tokyo, Guardian Angel, Hair Salon Who-Ga New York, Hair Salon Touyama, Hanatoyo Landscape, Home Healing, ICS Japan, Ichikudo Printing, Ikura Automobile Service, Indescor, Intersect Security Consultant, Japan Auction Agency, Japan Biker Rentals, Japan Building Maintenance Association, Japan Communication International, Japan Guide Dog Association, Japan Jet Charter,Japan Landscape Contractors’ Association, Japan Private Detective Center, Japanese Umbrella Rental, J-mobileR, Jumbo, KDD au, Kimura Shiatsu Institute, Landscape Design System, Lease Japan, Lips Escort Tokyo, Mail Station Ebisu, MDSA Hair Removal Salon, Meiji Kinenkan, Micha’s Healing, Mika’s Wedding, Miss Platinum Escorts, Mitsue-Links, Mizuno Marine, Murayama, Nakai Immigration Services, Native Checker, Natural Healing Center, Navitime, Nihon Kotsu English Taxi Service, Nippon News, Nismo, Niitsu Legal Visa Office, Nora Hair Salon, Objective Trading, On-Site Computer Repair Nationwide, Osaka Doutonbori Spa, Sauna and Massage, Outech, Photographer Alfie Goodrich, Photographers in Japan, Plaza Create, Plaza Plastic Surgery, Pooch Communications, Poppins Childcare, Quoz, ReloJapan, Rentafone Japan, Ripple Effect, Ruan, Sekise Funeral Services, Self-Storage in Japan, Shimbashi Business Garden, Shinka Hair Salon, Shinwa Art Auction, Shou Beauty Salon, Simnet, Tailor Ishida of Kobe, Taya Hair Salons, Teikoku Detective Agency, Teitan Investigative Agencies, TGA, 37 Frames, TM Interiors, Tokyo Bicycle Tours, Tokyo Escorts, Tokyo Free Guide, Tokyo Physio, Tokyo Speed Dating, Transpacific Marriage Agency, Urban Detective Agency for Women, US Tax Preparation, Visa For Japan, Watami Food ServiceWashington Kikaku Entertainment Booking Agency in Tokyo, Brazilian Waxing-Bee Salon, Yamato Bonten Tattoos, Yamory Emergency Provisions Service, Yoko’s Rooms

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