Secondhand and Recycled Goods

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Not too many years ago, the locals wouldn’t be caught good with recycled goods.  Nowadays, recycled goods shops are ubiquitous and frequented by more than the poor Japanese.  Regarding the exporting of recycled and secondhand goods, that market has slackened considerably because of the high value of the yen in world currency markets.  Still, because of the technical prowess of Japanese manufacturers, some precision goods and used cars are still finding overseas buyers., 5k International, A.S. International Motors, Accel International, Access CarsAgastaAktioAsahi Yoko Recycle, Asia Trading, Aucnet, Autocom Japan, Auto Galaxy, Auto House Japan, Auto Square, Autorec Enterprise, Autostock, Avon Group, B-Spex, Bally ServiceBest Trade, Boat PlazaBusiness International, Caesar Trading, Camel Japan, Car Junction, Central Yamakyu, Central Enterprises, Chukyo-juki, Clothing Recycling, Coral, Crown Trading GroupC.Y. Trading, Dan, DMGEast Japan TradingEisho WorldEngine Land, Euro Japan, Fiat Cars, Food Scrap Community Recycling SystemFuji TransportFujiyama Trading, Fujisawa Trading, G.B Auto Trader, Gear-Net JapanGlass Recycling Committee of Japan, Gosho, Goyo, Graham Motors, Gulliver International, Hab Japan Ltd.Has-NihonICM JapanInterteck, Isicar, IW InternationalJapan Africa MarketingJapan Car and Boat, Japan Car LineJapan Iron and Steel Recycling InstituteJapan Recycle Net, Japan Recycle Union, Japan Tradings, Japan Vehicle, Japan’s Approach to the 3Rs, Japan’s Automotive Recycling System Evaluated, Japan for Sustainability, Japanese Used Cars, Japauto, Jay Auto Exports, JDM Imports Japan, JPC Trade, Kadoco International Auto Sales, Kana Trading, Kaneta, Kinki-TruckMakino Enterprise, Manjiro Works, Matec, Mehran Trading, Michi Corporation, Mick Lay, Mitsuike, Miyashita KiryoNakahara Trading, Nakajima B.C., NAS, NikkyoNori Enterprise, Obata Heizo Syoji, Opteem, Office OI, Oida Tarding, Onshu Trader, Osaka Car Union, Osaka Shoji Kaisha, Oshita, Overdrive Japan, Papera Traders, P&C, PES, Progress InternationalRama Dbk, Ridhaa, Reco Export Agencies, Recycling and Environmental Groups in Japan, Red Line Automotive, Rizubi Trading, Rush, Saganuma Industry, Sakai Heavy Industries, San-A & Co.Sanki Industrial Trading, Sanko Industries, Sano Sharyo SeisakushoSBTSei Trading, Shibahira Trading, ShimaShin-Ei Automobile, Shirahama, Shiratori Forklift Machinery, Showa TsushoSterling Japan, Suma Sangyo, Sun Select Japan, Sunyou TradingTakemoto Piano, Tanaka, Teramatsu, 3R, TohshowTokyo Trading, Tominaga Industry, Toshin Heavy Machinery, Total Motor Mart, Tozai Boeki, Toyo Tsusho Japan, Tradecarview, TrafficTrust, TS-Export, Usami & Co., Used Car-Japan, USS, Veraz MachineWaste Management and Recycling Business in the United Staes and Japan, Woody, Yam, Yamakatsu, Yamashita & Co., Yamato Trading, Yamashita & Co., Yamazaki Traders, Yanagawa Shoji, Yashima ShokaiYoung Auto, Zulfiqar Motors

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