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The Japanese engineers make mistakes. Honda made mistakes. Sony made mistakes. But they learned and thrived. In the same vein, Japan has spent billions of dollars developing the most advanced technology against earthquakes and tsunamis. If a structure can be saved, Japan has developed the know-how to do it.


Many Japanese companies (including those in the electronics, automotive and heavy manufacturing industries) are open to hiring foreign engineers. There are a great number of engineering jobs in Japan — it’s not a function most Japanese companies are willing to offshore.

Aero Asahi, American Engineering, Asia Air Survey, Association of Japanese Consulting Engineers, Bodycote Japan, Chuo Geomatics, Chuo Kaihatsu, Civil Engineering Research Institute of Hokkaido, Consulting Engineers Associates, CTI Engineering International, Dia Consultants, Dome, Engineering Advancement Association, Engineering Consulting Firms Association, Environmental Design Institute, Exeno Yamamizu, Fujikasui Engineering, Fukken, Highway Industry Development Organization, IDEA Consultants, Infrastructure Development Institute, Ingerosec, Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan, Institute of Electronic, Information and Communication Engineers, International Association of Earthquake Engineering, Ishii Tool & Engineering, Itaya Engineering, Itotec, Iwashita Engineering, Izumi Sohken Engineering, J-Power, Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education, Japan Association for Wind Engineering, Japan Civil Engineering Consultants Association, Japan Commission on Large Dams, Japan Drilling, Japan Ergonomics Society, Japan Fire Engineering Qualification Center, Japan Ground Water Development, Japan High Comm, Japan Industrial Designers’ Association, Japan Inspection Co., Japan Institute of Construction Engineering, Japan Society for Precision Engineering, Japan Society of Automotive Engineers, Japan Society of Engineers, Japan Society of Erosion Control Engineering, Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Japan Society for Precision Engineering, Japan Standards Association, Japan Thermal Engineering, Japan Tunneling Society, Japan Welding Engineering Society, Japanese Industrial Standards Committee, Japanese Women Engineers Forum, JFE Engineering, JGI, Katahira & Engineers, Kawada Industries, Kokusai Kogyo, Makino J, Miura, Nakata Engineering, Nippon Civic Consulting Engineers, Nippon Koei, Nippon Steel Engineering, Nippon Suido Consultants, Nittetsu Mining Consultants, Nittoku Engineering, NDK Keeper, Newjec, Non-Destructive Insection, NTT Facilities, Okura Yusoki, Oriental Consultants, Otsuka, Oval, Pacific Engineering, POWTEX, P.T. Morimura & Associates, Raax, Rehabilitation Engineering Society of Japan, Reiko Chikada Lighting Design, River Land Environment, Sankyu, Society of Instrument and Control Engineers, Solize, Special Interest Group of Intelligent Transportation Systems, Sumika Chemical Analysis Service, SVC Tokyo, Swing, Takanashi Sangyo, Taiyo Kogyo, Takasago Thermal Engineering, Tamano, Telec, Thermal and Nuclear Power Engineering Society, Techno Earth, Teratec, Toa Kikai Kogyo, Toho Development Engineering, Toko Engineering Consultants, Tokyo Energy & Systems, Toyo Engineering, Toyo Koatsu, Toyohashi Sekkei, Vehicle Information and Communication System Center, Wakisaka Engineering, Water Re-Use Promotion Center, Wintest, Yachiyo EngineeringZenitaka

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