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Japan’s population is dwindling rapidly. Baby Boomers are retiring in droves. Japan must open borders to immigrants or an economic sucking sound will continue flowing into Asia proper.


121 Sensei, Abckara, A.C.E International, Adept, ADK, Advance, Algo ClubAll About Teaching English in Japan, All Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers Union, All Japan Federation of Transport Workers’ Unions, Alpha English Academy, Angel 17 Agency, Apex K.K.Apricot Plaza, Ark Foreign Language Academy, A to Z English School, Axelle Modeling Agency, B-cause, Bayside English School, Berkley Language House, BIOS, Biz-Ex, BL& C, Borderlink, Bridge Group, British Hills, Boyd & MooreCareerjet, Career Cross Japan, Career Scout Japan, CDS, Cinq Deau Un Modeling Agency, Communication, Copernicus Associates Japan, Confederation of Automobile Workers’ Unions, Confiant, CORE, Cosmo, Cosmopolitan Village, Co-Working Conference in Tokyo, Daihatsu Diesel, Daijob, Dave’s ESL Cafe, Dela Cruz English Club, DIP, Discovery International School, DotJapan, East-West Consulting, ECC Foreign Language InstituteEcovis, Education Workers and Amalgamated Union Osaka, English Teachers in Japan, English Telephone Club, Enterprise Training Group, Enworld, Epion English Conversation SchoolsESS International, ETC, Evereve Eikaiwa, Executive Search International, Exileshype, First Advantage, FMD Agency, Forum, Free Wave, Fresh Models Tokyo, Fukuoka Shipbuilding, Fundamental Approach to Facilitating Employment fo Workers From Overseas, Gaba, GaijinPot, Gess International, G.E.T. School, Going Global, Global Partners, Global Daigaku, Global Human Net, Greenlist of Japanese Universities, Gymboree, Hakuryosha, Hays, HCCR, Hello-Sensei, Hitachi Institute of Management Development, Horipro, HR Central K.K., Human Associates, Human Development Institute, Human Group, Hynd Group, ICPA, IEEC, IHC Way, Imabari Shipbuilding, I’m English School, Interac, Ingenium Group, iSearch, iTTTi, Iware, J&F Jobshop, JAC International, James English School, Japan Association for Employment of the Elderly and People With Disabilities, Japan Association for Working Holiday MakersJapan Council of Performers’ Organizations, Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training, Japan International Education Center, Japan International Training Cooperation Organization, Japan Jobs Guide, Japan Market Expansion Competition, Japan Occupational Safety and Health Resource Center, Japan Organization for Employment of the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities, Japan Research Career Information Network, Japan Vocational Ability Development Center, Japan 2011 Salary Survey, Japan’s Newest Job Opportunity: Parenthood, Japanese-Jobs, Japanese Trade Union Confederation, JAVADA, Jobs in Japan, Kaneko & Associates, Kaplan Japan, Kazuozan International Preschool, Kid School Learning International, Kohgakusha, Kurdyla and Associates, Labor News From Japan, Larry King School of English, Lazaris Modeling Agency, Leafcup, Leapforce, Legal Futures, Little America English School, Londate, Managemates, MCIB Partners, MDC, Medina, MeySen Academy, MGS English School, MidCareer, Mike’s English School, Mike Lyons’ English School, M.I.L.: The Language Center, MKI, MS Japan, Modern English Franchise Schools, MY-Sensei, Myer English School, Nacelle, National Confederation of Trade Unions, Network Answers Japan, NextMove, Nihon Parkerizing Hiroshima, Ninepoint, Norton Place English Cafe, Nozomi Infotech, NSR, Onomichi English Room, Opportunity for Start-Ups With Rising Expo, Orangutan English, OS Productions, Osaka Employment Service for Foreigners, Owls, Pacifica Consultants, Panache, Peak, Pathways Group, PeopleSearch, Phenix English School, Pilotagence, Pinnacle Consulting, Ranstad, Robert Leonard Consulting, Robert Walters Plc, Sagan Speak, Sakulife, San ConsultingSenseup International, Shahani Associates, Shimamoto Partners, Shimura Labor Management Office, Simul, Skillhouse, Slate Consulting, Smith’s School of English, Stoneman, Summerhill International School, Suri-Emu, Teach Away, TCLC, Teachaway, Teacher-Student, Teachernavi, The Specialized Group, Think International Communication, TNT World Wide KK, Tokyo Employment Service Center for ForeignersTransearch InternationalVantage Japan, Vision Consulting Services, Waseda University International, We English, WestgateWilling Workers on Organic Farms in Japan, WinBe English School, Wise, Working at a Japanese University, Yamazaka Jinzai, Zoo-Phonics Academy



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