Consultants and Advisors

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A new breed of Japanese consultants are arising focusing on utilizing mobile technology and bolstering marketing efforts through SEO and social media networks. Localization consultants will help bring stealthy software technology to the Japanese domestic market.

Abeam Consulting, ACKG, Advanced Management Training Group, Agriculture Development Consultants Association, Almec, Allon, Alue, AmAsia, American Management Association, ARRK, B-cause, Bain and Company, BCon, BDTI, Beare Consulting, BEO, Bluefish Consulting, BrainwoodsBusiness Development Japan, Business Kohboh, Caravan, Central Consultants, Cini-Little, Clifix Cerified Tax Accountants, Cobridge, Community Policy Institute, Comnex, Congress, Convex, Corporate DirectionsCSP Japan, Deloitte, East West ConsultingEngineering and Consulting Firms Association, eSolia, Esperanza Business Consulting, EuroAct Japan, Expat Tax, Faces of Food, Fico, Fledge Technologies, Focus Business Produce, FTI Consulting, G&S International, Global Quest, Globis, Go Tax Consulting, Grosser Car Consultants, Hazuma Ando, Hirano Tax Accountant Office, HLSD, HTM, Human Development Institute, IBI, IGB Network, IGPI, I-N Information Systems, Index Consulting, International Development Associates, International Resources and Marketing, Investment International, JCO, Japan East Consulting, Japan Entry, Japan Intercultural Consulting, Japan Interim Management, Japan Management Consulting, Japan Management Systems, Japan Marketing Intelligence, Japan Questar USA, Jean Barthelemy Consultancy, Jemco, JGC Pharma Services, JITEX, JMEC, JTP, K&A Management Consulting Services, Kamiya Consulting, Kaori Fuchi Tax and Consulting, Kei Knowledge, Keiyo,Key Research Net, Kyoto Tax Service, Le Grande, Legal Futures, Look Consulting, Marine Works Japan, Maeda, MAP Japan, Mark-I, Merit 5, MHM Tax Advisory Service, MIC Medical, Mitsubishi Chemical Techno-Research, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting, Mitsue Links, Momentum, Nagase & Co., National Association of Small Business Associations, Nippon Koei, Nipponlink, Nippon Technology Venture Partners, Norinchukin Research Institute,NTC, OAFIC, Odani, Okomura Consultant Office, Oriental Consultants, Overseas Merchandise Inspection, Pacific Business Consulting, Padeco, People Focus Consulting, Planetworks, PlusConcept Asia, Prec Institute, Prestige International, PwC Tax Japan, QCIC, Recs International, Richworld Japan, Sangikyo, Sanyu Consultants, Sarkar Office, Savvy 3, Seed Planning, SGS Japan, Shibuya International, Shiodome Partners, Signpost, Sojitz Research Institute, Steinbeis Japan, Step Eiken, Strategic Consulting Japan, Sugiyama Management Development, Tax Accountancy Japan, TCG, TEC International, TeleBusiness, TNP, Tokyo Medical Services, Transcosmos, Tsujiuchi Tax Accountant, Unico International, Uritani Consulting, US-TaxCPA, Value Management Institute, Venture Catalyst Network, VSOC, West JEC, WIN Japan, Word Laboratories, Workplace Solutions, Yazaki Group



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