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Localization of marketing and social media-related software is where the future looks the brightest in Japan. Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media biggies have already localized, and many of these social networks are crying for apps. The next few years are going to be golden.

A440,  Access, Acquire, AdamAP, Advanced Media, Agrex, AIC, Akira, ALJ, Alpha Systems, Amiya, Ampere, Anima, Aniplex, Ans Solves, Arc International, Argo Graphics, Armonicos, Arteria, Ashisuto, Asmik Ace, AstroArts, Attain, Avant, Avex, Banpresto, C’s Lab, Celsys, Computer Institute of Japan, CIP Soft, Colopl, Comnet, Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association, Computer Graphic Arts Society, Computer Software Association of Japan, Computer Software System, CRC Solutions, Crimson Technology, Cross Vision International, Crypton, Cyberagent, Cybernet Systems, Cyverse, Daihaku, Datamedia, DDS, Decision Japan, Denso Wave, Denyusha, Digital Garage, Digital Frontier, Dimps, East, EMaki Enterprise, Enfour, EXCO, Flexible Computer System, Forum 8, Front Office Solutions K.K., Fuetrek, Fujitsu Marketing, Fushikaden, Gloops, Grape Systems, Graphinica, Gree, Gridraw, Hakuhodo i-studio, Hexadrive, H.I.C. Soft, Hi Corp., Hirocon, Hivertec, Idea Factory, Imagica, Increment, Infinitec, Infocity, Information Processing Society of Japan, Informatix, Infotech, Intelligent Wave, International Forum for Educational Media and Distance Learning in Health, Irem, IT Access, Itochu Techno-Solutions, Japan Information Technology Services Industry Association, Japan Personal Computer Software Association, Japan Computer System Seller Association, Japan Software News, Japan Users Association of Information Systems, Japan Video Software Association, JASTEC, JIPDC, Just Systems, KLab, K Soft Enterprise, K.K.Ashisuto, K.K. Paradox, K.K. P & D, Land Ho!, Lifull, Lightwell, LPixel, Matchlock, Memory-Tech, Micron, Midokura, Mitsubishi Space Software, Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium, Morisawa, MTI, New Media Development Association, NextSecurity, Nikkatsu, NS Solutions, Obic, Omron Software, Opro Japan, Otsuka, Ottimo, Overland, PFU, Pixela, Polygon Pictures, Precision Modeling Laboratory, Ratoc, Rimarts Software Laboratory, Ruby Development Environment, Rworks, SCSK, Shin-Ei-Sha, Simplex Institute, Six Waves, Software Cradle, Software Information Center, Software Research Associates, Sony PCL, SRA, Step One, Studio4℃, Sumisho Computer Systems, Superior Design, T-Mark, Tanseisha, Tanu Tech, Tecmo, Three One Systems, TIS, Tool, Torindo, Toshiba Information Systems, Toshiba Tech, Triis, Tritek, Uchida Yoko, Ufit, Unicon Products, Upwind Technology, Web I Laboratories, Where, Veritec Iconix Ventures, Yasunaga Computer Systems, Yoshimasa Electronics, Yoshimoto R and C, Zenrin


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