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The Japan Biotechnology directory features many strongly-competing corporations in Japan, yet most of them have scant presence elsewhere in the world. Recent research projects in Japan include one for the development of a systematic method for the assessment of Alzheimer’s disease, one developing technology for implementing sugar chain functions, and one developing of fundamental technologies for production of high-value materials using transgenic plants.

AHC, Air Water, AnGes MG, Atto, Bionormalizer, Biophysical Society of Japan, Business Science & Technology, Cardio, CellFree Sciences, CellSeed, Chiome Bioscience, Cosmo Bio, Chromo Research, Cyclex, Daiwa Biological Research Institute, Data Depository for Drosophila Researchers, DNA Databank of Japan, Dynacom, Eiken Chemical, Evec, Falco Biosystems, Fasmac, Gene Medicine Japan, Genetic Lab, Genetics Society of Japan, Hokkaido Bio Technology Industrial Cluster Forum, IBL, in Silico Biology, Ikeda Scientific,, IMMD, Institute of Microchemical Technology, Institute for Antibodies, Ito Life Sciences, J-Tec, Japan Algae, Japan Antibiotics Research Association, Japan Bioindustry Association, Japan Health Sciences Foundation, Japan Poultry Science Association, Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases, Kringle Pharma, MBL, Mebiol, MediBic, Medical & Biological Laboratories, Medinet, Mitsui Knowledge Industry, NanoCarrier,Nature Technology, Nikkiso, Okinawa Helth Biotechnology Research and Development Center, Photobiology Association of Japan, PhoenixBio, Phytopathological Society of Japan, Precision System Science, Research Institute of Tuberculosis, Riken BioResource Center, Sail Technologies, Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories, Sosei, Takara Bio, Techno Medica, Tokiwa Phytochemical, Tomy Digital Biology, Trans Genic, Tsukuba Primate Research Center

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