Big and Diverse Industries

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The Japan Big and Diverse Industries directory is a reference point for unclassifiable large corporations that produce a wide range of unrelated products. At the end of the Pacific War, the zaibatsu (business conglomerates) were broken up but over the years theses large group of companies have reemerged and were a guiding force in the rapid economic rise of Japan.

Asahi Kasei, Benesse, CBC, Chiyoda, Chori, Daiichi Jitsugyo, Daikin Industries, Fuji Electric, Fujitsu General, Hitachi, Hitachi High Technologies, Ichimiya Group, Inabata & Co., Inoac, Izumi Cosmo, JFE Holdings, Kadokawa Dwango, Nishikawa Rubber, Mitsubishi Materials Techno, Nissan Global, Nisshinbo Industries, OG, Omron, Renova, Ryohin Keikaku, Satake, Sega Sammy Holdings, Seika, Senko Sangyo, Seven & iHoldings, Softbank, Stella, Sumitomo Corporation, Takashima & Co., Tokyo Ohka Kogyo, Topy Industries, Toray, Toyobo, Toyo Denki, Toyota Industries, Ube Industries, Watanabe Production Group, Yamaha, Yamasa

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