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The All-Japan Business Directory gives many empowering resources/sites to build you business in Japan, network with potential collaborators, and even find investors and seed money.  It is my gift to you.  If you find it valuable, please share this directory URL with people looking to succeed or increase their success in Japan.



Clocks and Timepieces Engineering Import and Export Manufacturing Secondhand and Recycled Goods
Activism Computer Hardware Entertainment and Sightseeing Industrial Parts Marketing, Advertising and PR Search Engines and  Directories
Architecture and Design Computer Software Financial Matters Instrumentation Medical and Dental  Services
Artisans and Craftspeople Construction and Building Materials Food and Beverage Insurance Mining, Metals and Alloys Settling In
Associations and Profession Organizations Consultants and Advisors Getting in Shape Internet Services and Providers  Oil, Gas and Petroleum Textiles
Big and Diverse Organizations Eateries and Drinking Establishment Glass, Ceramics and Plastics IT Consultants Paper and Forestry Rubber
Biotechnology Education and Academics Government Jewels and Gems Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies Topical Issues
Broadcasting and Telecommunications Electronics Heavy Industries and Machinery Legal Matters Public Utilities Translation and Interpreting
Chambers of Commerce and  Promotional Boards Embassies and Consulates Historical Japan Logistics and Storage Publishing Travel
Chemicals and Petrochemicals Employment Hotels and Guesthouses Machinery Real Estate Wholesale and Retail




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