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Over the years I have had quite a few people say to me unsolicited:  “I admire the Japanese people and nation very much.”  And yes, there have been those – myself included at times – who have said without blinking:  Japan sucks.”

Like every idea that has a morsel of truth, the truth lies somewhere between the extremes.  Japanese can be diligent, conscientious, and unquestionably loyal.  Those attributes are a part of why this country went from  an economic breadbasket at the end of the Pacific War to a paragon of  business by the mid 1980s.

Since then, Japan has been tirelessly trying to redefine itself economically and politically in a sustainable  way.  It is my firm belief that Japan will thrive despite depopulation, despite a wave of narcissism, despite its inclination to follow the crowd and avoid risk-taking.


I am a perhaps misplaced American with 29 years of living and working experience in Japan.  I like to believe that I get from my days at this stage of life more often than just getting through them.  I enjoy them with my three-nurse family, two daughters and a Japanese wife.

For a majority of my years here I have been an English trainer at major corporations, a researcher, a writer, and even an occasional actor or model.  Now I am a serious netrepreneur.

There is an understated resiliency in these island-people that is to be admired and emulated.  That is why I have endured the feeling of being an outsider for all these years.  They can miniaturize or super-size or free-size without letting their cultural norms get in the way.  The ugly American persona doesn’t hold with these mainly gentle people.

Japan Success Strategies for Life and Business is a thinking person’s blog.  It is designed – in conjunction with my portal – to help foreigners see the niche markets and emerging trends in Japan before the multinationals step in and bully the small players out of the marketplace.

I truly believe an entrepreneurial renaissance is quietly emerging here.  The Japanese are ready and willing to listen to soft-spoken marketing strategy from the West…and that’s where you and I can get a toe-hold on building a presence here.  Out-of-the-box thinkers are still a rarity in Japan, but they DO exist and the entrepreneurial flair is bubbling beneath the surface.

Japan is a place you want to put on your platter beginning in the year 2017.  Let’s work together.  Write to us at support@successinjapan.com for chances to collaborate.


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