101 Unique Biz Ideas From Japan

Dear SIJ Leaders:
Japan is a country full of opportunity, despite many outsiders believing there are too many non-tariff barriers.  More than six years ago, I compiled hundreds of ideas to make a million dollars each in Japan.  I then narrowed it down to 101.  Though this material might be dated, I have discovered that it is still by-and-large a powerful brainstorming tool for Success in Japan.I welcome you to download this free informative booklet. By doing so, you will get three clear benefits:
*A treasure trove of niche biz ideas for Japan which you could try to monetize yourself.
*A chance to Join the online  Success in Japan Mastermind on these 101 ideas.
*Plus, you will have free access to my upcoming and updated 2017 edition of the booklet in April of 2017.
Best of success to you and for us.  Let me know if you like the intent of the book.
Richard Posner


(Click on the book cover below to download the book.) 101 Unique Biz Ideas